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A 501(c)3 non-profit

The Four Disgracers


This, our inaugural show, celebrated the inspiration for our name, engravings by the Dutch artist Goltzius, which featured representations of Icarus, Tantalus, Phaeton and Ixion. We approached a few friends to write short plays inspired by the mythic stories. All were directed by Ixion founder and artistic director, jeff croff.


Distance to the Sun

by O.G. Ueberroth

Featured: Rico Bruce Wade & Joseph Mull


A Tantalizing Menu

by Sarah Hauck

Featured: Kris Vitols, Angharad MacGauhey, Cassie Little, Rikki Perez & Michael Stornant



by Brad Rutledge

Featured: Michael Stornant & jeff croff


Icarus Flying

by A.S. Freeman

Featured: Paige Dunckel